Creative Asset Management, Inc. has helped many homeowners sell their home FAST without charging real estate commissions, and has helped many people with damaged credit buy a home. Below are just some of the wonderful responses we have received.

Sell a Home

“We have all heard the saying ‘if something is too good to be true, it probably is’ this is definitely not the case… our dream of owning a home is now a reality and we could not be happier with our purchase. From the leasing process to the actual closing, there were never any questions; everything was handled professionally and with great respect.”
~ The Rodgers Family (See Recommendation Letter)

“I am so amazed at how simple your rent to own program works. There were no gimmicks or hidden stipulations at all…Thank you for the opportunity to rebuild my confidence, credit-worthiness and self esteem.”
~ Pam Jones (See Recommendation Letter)

“Even with very limited credit… (I was able to) achieve the “American Dream of Homeownership. I would like to express my deepest gratitude… I never thought I would be able to purchase a home. ”
~ William I. Marion Jr. (See Recommendation Letter)

“I never imagined that buying a house would be this easy until I enrolled in your lease purchase program… I am very grateful to you for making one of my biggest dreams come true.”
~ Edwin Passamonte (See Recommendation Letter)

“When I first saw the ads regarding the lease purchase program, I was very leary… After a year we started to work on the purchase of the home, and after a few snags, we finally got it! Greg is great to work with, we never had any problems, and I’m so grateful… I would highly recommend a lease-purchase option through Creative Asset Management to anyone!”
~ Shaun & Scott Dahn (See Recommendation Letter)

“Not very long ago we went to [Creative Asset Management] to purchase our home. The process was so smooth and quick that we decided to go with them when we decided to sell.”
~ Michelle Gomez (See Recommendation Letter)

“From the start of the leasing process to the end of the buying process we were pleased with your honesty, reliability and integrity.”
~Derrick & Shelia (See Recommendation Letter)

“I had no money to put down a deposit, nor for an earnest deposit. I figured that I would not be a homeowner for a long time… but Greg worked with me on this matter… I now own this home. I have found Greg to be a very professional businessman. He also can be at the same time a friend. Something you do not see in the business world.”
~Ed Remmell (See Recommendation Letter)

“I will recommend any one who is looking to sell or lease to buy a property, because your company shows high level of professionalism.”
~ Susan Miller (See Recommendation Letter)

“The program offers people the opportunity……to own a home.”
~ Steve Coy (See Recommendation Letter)

“To our relief, all of our questions and concerns were addressed clearly and quickly.”
~ Otoniel & Larissa Avendano (See Recommendation Letter)

“This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy a home and I highly recommend it…”
~ Steven Nelson (See Recommendation Letter)

“You really helped me out of a frustrating situation…..I’d like to commend both your work and your company for the help I’ve received.”
~ Derek Brown (See Recommendation Letter)

“I’ve been very happy with the house I recently purchased from you, and want to let you know how much I appreciate your working with me to secure this home for me, and ultimately my daughters.”
~ SandraMC (See Recommendation Letter)

Buy a Home
“I have bought and sold a number of homes over the past 40 years, and this went so well, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to do it any other way. 5 DAYS to completing all the transactions, no realty fees, and no problems.”
~ John Lindsey (See Recommendation Letter)

“You made the process so simple, WITHIN SIX DAYS we were done with closing.”
~ Gary and Olga (See Recommendation Letter)

“My wife and I tried to work with other firms to sell our house… We highly recommend him after comparing other operations. You will notice his customer service approach immediately.”
~ Arnie and Joanne Gernstein (See Recommendation Letter)

“I contacted a real estate agent, but I knew it would take more time and energy than I had at the time to work with them… You came by my home the next day, made a nice offer on my home, and said you would take care of everything–and you did–and all I had to do was be there at closing, pick up my check-and so it was!”
~ Rebecca (See Recommendation Letter)

“We did have other offers of similar financial value but they did not engender the same level of trust that we had in Greg… True to his word, Greg delivered what we expected.”
~ Homesellers in Herndon, VA (See Recommendation Letter)

“Not very long ago we went to [Creative Asset Management] to purchase our home. The process was so smooth and quick that we decided to go with them when we decided to sell.”
~ Michelle Gomez (See Recommendation Letter)

“If anyone is looking to sell their house, I would recommend they talk to you before signing up with a real estate agent or ‘going it alone’.”
~ Donn Billings (See Recommendation Letter)

“… he was unusually pleasant and gave me what I felt was fair value for the property.”
~ Marjory Fowler (See Recommendation Letter)

“Everything that you said you would do came true.”
~ Jack Gordy (See Recommendation Letter)

“Your services were truly remarkable.”
~ Lorrie in Centreville, VA (See Recommendation Letter)

Contact us – We will be happy to give you the names and numbers of some references so you can talk with them directly.